Defeating shy to be successful

Defeating shy to become a successful entrepreneur An entrepreneur has to face many challenges on the business world, but some of them has nothing to do with the type of product they offer or the potential customers they need to get, some of the main issues are internal, such as fears that will stop them […]

La Creatividad

La Creatividad y sus características La creatividad es una especie de configuración que se produce en la mente, la cual nos ayuda a direccionar situaciones o problemas cotidianos para tomar decisiones y resolverlos de una forma espontánea. Funciona de una manera mucho más dinámica, se trata de agudizar los sentidos para proyectar una realidad, una […]

Wearing ripped jeans as a celebrity

Wearing ripped jeans like a celebrity Ripped jeans are a clear proof that imperfections can be glamorous too, and in this article we will show you how to wear and combine these jeans and feel like a celebrity with very stylish outfits. Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim advised about this topic: “Jeans […]

Learning how to say “no”

Learn how to say “no” when it is necessary When you are an entrepreneur, saying “no” might be one of the hardest tasks when you are trying to get new customers, accept business trades, schedule dates to meet persons and any more things, many of them feel like denying to some of this might be […]