Jeans for every type of torso

Jeans for every type of torso

Best jeans for every type of torso

Although everyone loves a pair of jeans, it is true that we do not have the same type of body, and according to our own shape and style, there are plenty of different types of jeans to choose, and in this article we will give you an excellent guide as to what type of jeans you must jeans, depending on your type of torso.

“You need to consider certain different elements in order to find the perfect jeans, and it is always worth trying on as many ones as you need until you find the ones that make you feel comfortable and look good, and as they are quite resistant, you can have them with you for ages if you give them the correct care”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

The following list will give you some suggestions to find the best jeans for you according to your torso:

  • Enlarged torso – If your torso is longer than the first section of your legs, the best jeans for you are the high rise ones, as those will carry the shape of your waist at the right length. Look for the skinny version as they will also stylish your legs.
  • Short torso – The perfect jeans for girls with a short torso are the ones that will fit you exactly between your waist and hips. Look for the straight or flare jeans as they will also make you look taller.
  • Small waist – If you have a small waist and wider hips, go for the boot cut jeans, they are not only a pair that you must try, they will also outstand the size of your hips, but if you want to dissimulate them, go on the other side and choose the boyfriend version.

“With so many different fits for jeans, it is very easy to find the ones for every person, according to their type of body, and there are many different washes, colors and finishes, so you can also add one that will fit with your very own style”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.