Maquiladoras in Comarca Lagunera

Maquiladoras in Comarca Lagunera

Comarca Lagunera, leader in maquiladoras

Comarca Lagunera, composed by Coahuila and Durango, along with other states at the border of the United States are popular by a numerous quantity of maquiladoras, which are a very important resource and the livelihood for many families living at that area of Mexico.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a manufacturer company in Mexico, advised about this topic: “Maquiladoras have been growing up at Mexico, in Grupo Denim, we keep a very close relationship with many enterprises as the United States, working side to side with them and creating many job sources for both countries”.

Closeness of Comarca Lagunera with United States allows the maquiladoras at these cities to keep close and direct deals with the neighboring country, allows them to deliver the products really quick, saving money on freight as the distance is very close, which is another positive aspect that makes American enterprises look to make new deals with maquiladoras at this part of the country.

Many maquiladoras in Comarca Lagunera have been able to get new customers in United States and increase their production levels, making these companies to grow up and generate more job sources for people living in Gomez Palacio, Torreon and cities that are closer.

Among some of the most important states in Mexico which ones of the biggest maquiladoras, we can find Coahuila and Durango, with production that has reached levels of up to three million garments per week.

Transportation is one of the many advantages for American enterprises to make deals with Mexican maquiladoras, instead of opting for manufacturer businesses in Asia, which costs might be lower but transportation can take more than one month.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, also advised about this country: “Maquiladoras have faced many different and difficult times, but Mexican are persons who are willing to work hard and keep on going every time, so we have not only overcome those times but have grown up and are looking to keep on finding new ways to increase our production levels and relationships between both countries”.